Thanksgivng Day, 2015

This year especially, I am in need of this Thanksgiving Day! I am struggling this Thanksgiving season to recognize the many blessings for which I am so grateful. As with many others, I find myself reeling from the unconscionable violence that is being  perpetrated throughout the world and the seemingly insane responses from some. Following the numerous terrorist attacks around the world, some of our leaders (and those who want to be our leaders) are adding to the chaos by tapping into our baser instincts. Bigotry and xenophobia, fueling our fears, are distracting us from the unspeakable terrorism happening in our streets on a daily basis; the slaughter of innocent children, whether by gun violence or from the hunger caused by the mass impoverishment of so many American families. In addition to the usual blessings in my life, such as my health, my family and friends, and the fact that I can help so many people who are grieving the death of a loved one, this year I have even more for which I am thankful. This Thanksgiving I am blessed to not be a refugee fleeing my homeland, only to be rejected by uncaring fear and hate mongers. This year I am especially thankful to be an American, living in a country whose citizens, if they choose, can make all the difference in the lives of those who find it a daily struggle just to stay alive. As you celebrate Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones and reflect on all of your blessings, I wish you and yours a Thanksgiving Day which is filled with Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, and Laughter. Warmly, Rudy