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This Saturday is “Shop Local Saturday.” Shopping locally allows your community stores and companies to thrive and to return to your community in all kind of ways, not just financially. We support other local business, religious institutions, and local charities. This idea of shopping locally is no more important than when the need for funeral or memorial services arise. Supporting your local, independent funeral home rather than the out-of-state, conglomerate,  corporate funeral provider keeps your dollars in your community and allows us to support other local business and our own communities. Your local independent funeral home knows you, knows the local customs and traditions, and is committed to our local communities. To whom are the conglomerate funeral homes loyal? Certainly not you. And, without a doubt, your local, independently owned funeral home will cost you thousands of dollars less than the giant, corporate-owned funeral factories. On behalf of Chesed v’Emet and all the other local independent funeral directors, I hope you won’t need our services for many years. But, in the event you need us, we will respond to your every need, on “Shop Local Saturday,” on Thanksgiving Day and every other day of the year.

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