It Could Happen

No one wants to think about it, especially as we plan an exciting, long awaited vacation or business trip, but it can, and often does happen... a death occurs while away from home. What now? Your family is faced with the added burden and high costs of having to arrange for bringing you home for a funeral. Unfortunately, when you travel to conferences or for business or personal reasons, there are circumstances that are beyond your or anyone’s control. The costs for bringing you home can add upwards of $1500 to the funeral bill if the death occurs within the continental United States, and well over $3000 if overseas. Who does your family call first? Who can your family trust when death occurs far from home? Chesed v’Emet offers answers to these questions and we have something that is probably the wisest, least expensive choice for anyone who travels. Whether you travel one time a year or 10 time a year; whether your travel is to Disney World or Israel! Our “Return Assured” plan is a one-time, single-payment insurance policy that covers ALL transportation costs to return you from ANYWHERE in the world over 100 miles from your legal residence. Unlike other types of “trip insurance” which is purchased each time you travel, our “Return Assured” is a one-time cost and is always in force. For the current cost of $285, you can provide peace of mind and eliminate the added costs and emotional strain from your family. The application process is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you can’t be denied coverage for any reason. Every year, repatriation costs go up, but you can prevent a financial burden from being added to your family’s grief should the unthinkable happen. This protection is available regardless of which funeral director your family chooses to handle the funeral arrangements. The “Return Assured” coverage, along with a pre-arranged funeral, is the perfect compliment to your financial and asset planning. For more details, feel free to contact me. There’s no obligation for the opportunity to learn how you can make a tragedy easier for your family. Travel safely and with our “Return Assured” policy, you can enjoy your time away from home, free of the anxiety of wondering, what if....

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